Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Leopard Im in Love !!!

frommm all the animal printed feather , LEOPARD is all the time favorite for me !!  The pattern, color, totallyyy UH-MAZING!!!

my leopards scarf and bangles ! all favoritess <3<3

kind of stuffs i really craving for :
Bag hangger

leopard cat eyeglass

comfortable home slippers

leopard fall collectio

I'm gonna dance under the rain!!

will feel super warm if having it in my lining room

leopard print bed, comforters, daybed, sheets!!!
Thats all my dreammmmmsss stufff... but a little tips for you, makes you more bold in leopard stuff, for make sure not look too much or exaggerate or the worst people pointing ypu as fashion crime! BIG NOOOHHH!

Dita von Teese stunning w her lil cute leopard clutch

emma rock-chick style! her belt superrr

keira knightley showed that leather jacket is the leopard scarf bff

Suri looks simply adorable in these tiny leopar flats

we'd kill for those Alexander Wang leopard heels!

KIllers Shoes ALERT

Woke up gilrsss, if you(s) still in era falling with short heels and wedges, UGH lameee, save it all at your cabin! lets move and go walk more confident with the new KILLERS SHOES!! 
Even the Hollywood stars also trying to wear the most killers and stunning heels. letsss see the kind of itsss !

Beyonce with her Killer heels on single ladies v-clip

Victoria Beckham the Christian Louboutin Heels for Rodarte

Lindsay Lohan wears Christian Louboutin’s ‘Madame Butterfly’ Bootie to court!

Taylor Momsens on Killer heels 'ladies shoes' with lace

Kelis Rocks McQueen  on peach Armadillo Heels

Kelly brook with the Louboutin's

gaga with Alexander McQueen Armadillo heels

guesssss the same ???

celebs on killers heels

They all shuld be take the hard and pokey road when opting for those heels! These are surely killer heels, like OMG! i would never in a million years be able to wear them, and am thinking the price tag will be insane! 
Just looking at them is like PHEW!
The most BOLD by Alexander McQueen

When the Traditional stuffs turn into magic!!!

Me in ULOS cloth. the traditional from north Sumatra

the otherss previeww , check this out !!! when traditional touch with modern stuff and becomes gorgeous !!
modern kebaya by Anne Avantie

Upper Ground batik by Edward Hutabarat

Baju Bodo in Modern & pretty color

modern gamis


andddd just remember thats Culture is the acquainting ourselves with the best that has been known and said in the world, and thus with the history of the human spirit.. so BE PROUD WITH OUR CULTURE !!

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Elephant Dung as Heels material!!

Sky-high stilettos made from elephant poop – uppsssss...  I’ve seen footwear made from all kinds of eco-friendly materials , but these babies made by a London artist “INSA,” make them all look pretty ho hum in comparison. The fecal heels were commissioned by the  Tate as part of a series of design “responses” to a recent exhibit by  Chris Ofili – a painter who smeared elephant manure on his controversial 1996 piece,  The Holy Virgin Mary.

The process of making "fabs heels"

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010


T his year Summmer holiday at  was super for me. Enjoyed super quality time with all my friends and family.
I do what i can, because i believe summer will have its flies !!!

another fun fact, me was choose a BLUE ELECTRICS as my summer color !! take a lookkk

1st place : TIDUNG ISLAND

Just arrive Tidung, im wearing mini flowery summer dress :")

1st day at Tidung i'm using a blue maxi dress by Body & Soul :) 

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010


 Before waste yur money for the outfit ! i have some tips. You can still use your pretty mini summer dress, sexy hotpants , colourfull tank top, and the old chick bikiniess.. but make it moree stylish with all this gorgeous stuffss !!!

note : clutch bag is not just a party guest now!!.

Flowery themes is back, 3 bangles + lotss tembaga necklace is always on TOP LIST to WEAR!!

balls headband mix wit animal icon necklace smelsss gorgeous

never get enough with just one ethnics necklace
who's not falling in love whit this unique ringss


 This is an option, clutch bag is back!! chose the ethics model with pastel color and you're ready to looks gorgeous in wedding party but also sexy in summer holiday !

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


Here we go the most hottest and favorite kind of hair style in 2010, by all the Hollywood stars 

Short Hair Styles
 Starting at No. 1 is Short Hair Styles. The list of celebs taking the risk with super short cuts is growing. From the soft, whispy pixie cuts of Alyssa Milano and Carey Mulligan to Halle Berrys spiked pixie. We have also seen alot more stars trying on the edgy, chopped layers style made popular by Victoria Beckham.

Long Hair Styles
the 2nd is Long Hair Styles. Without a doubt, long hair offers the most style choices, from the layered look of Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Greene to the all-one-length styles of Malin Akerman and Stephanie Jacobsen. With or without bangs, straight or waved, pulled back or in an up sweep, with or without accessories, the possibilities are endless. 

Curly Hair Styles
 Next is Curly Hair Styles. Over the past year, we have seen a shift from the tousseled ringlets look as seen here on Alyson Milchalka and Anna Lynn McCord, to sleek, glossy spiral curls as seen on celebs like Ali Larter and Heidi Klum.

Short Black Hair Styles
  The growing trend in Short Black Hair Styles category is a short haircut in a two-tone blonde hair color made popular by heavyweight stars like Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson and Eva Marchille.

Hair Styles With Bangs  
 Hairstyles With Bangs. Bangs have made a comeback in recent years, and, there are plenty of style options to go around. From jagged, heavily texturized bangs, that work well with thick hair like Kim Kardashians or Aisha Tylers blunt cut bob, to light and whispy bangs like Agyness Deyns.
Camilla Belle went with blunt cut bangs for this rockin retro look.

Hairstyles with Braids. We are pretty sure the surge in searches for hairstyles with braids is a direct result of the current popularity of ponytail hairstyles for formal occasions. Braids provide even more options for formal hair styles like these fabulous Jada Pinkett Smith and Kate Hudson red carpet hairstyles.

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions. As ponytails and braids grow in popularity as a formal hair style option so do hair extensions. Not only can you go from short to long in a day, hair extensions can be washed, dryed and styled just like real hair. All of the dazzling red carpet looks of Beyonce Knowles are created with hair extensions. Fergie added about 6 inches to her already long hair to get this hot, chic high ponytail style for a recent celeb event.

Ponytail Hair Styles
is Ponytail Hair Styles. Over the past 2 years, ponytail hairstyles on the red carpet have become more and more common. A comfortable replacement for the stiff classic updo, we are seeing fabulously glam looks created from what was once considered an -everyday- style. Extra-long and super-straight high ponytails, low ponytails in a gentle spiral, and combination styles like a ponytail with a headband, or, hair first gathered in a half-pullback then all is pulled back in a ponytail.

Layered Hair Styles
No. 9 is Layered Hair Styles. Although layered hairstyles come in every length, a layered cut is often preferred for medium length to long hair to add volume to hair on the thin side and to remove some of the weight from long, thick hair. This medium length layered style recently chosen by Carrie Underwood is the perfect choice for framing her oblong face and softening her features.

Bob Hair Styles
  is Bob Hair Styles. Stylists tell us that anyone can wear a bob hair style, whether its an angled bob, blunt cut bob, or undercut bob. A medium length bob haircut can make a round face look slimmer, and, a short bob can make a narrow face appear fuller. A bob with bangs can balance-out a high forhead. Some of the hottest celebrities have rocked the red carpet in a bob hair style at one time or another. Pictured are Dannii Minogue, Jenny McCarthy, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Rihanna.