Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010


T his year Summmer holiday at  was super for me. Enjoyed super quality time with all my friends and family.
I do what i can, because i believe summer will have its flies !!!

another fun fact, me was choose a BLUE ELECTRICS as my summer color !! take a lookkk

1st place : TIDUNG ISLAND

Just arrive Tidung, im wearing mini flowery summer dress :")

1st day at Tidung i'm using a blue maxi dress by Body & Soul :) 

Snorkling with white tanktop+ bicycle pants

i'm falling with the sand and my black loose shirts mix w leopard eyeglass &wicker hat

at AIR island. FULL TEAMS <3<3

2nd Destination : YOGYAKARTA & SUNDAK BEACH - wonogiri.

1st night, qualitytime at coffee cofee sagan with highschool babes

front benteng Vredeburg

try my luck! joined the 'masangin'.  (alking between the two old banyan tree)

The next day we're doing a quite niceeeeee photo shootat the old train station,.
 wearing all my super favorite leopard stuffs

 Sundak beachhh, location : wonosari! +/- 2hours from jogja!

Hot pans jeans always looks hot if you mix it with colorful wood bangles & stunning ring!

3rd Touchdown SINGAPORE !!!

prata prata, at little india. & looks how bold my electric blue ring :p:p

Esplanade w the blue maxi :")

Universal Studio

got sprayyy from the crew of "water world' , wetttt whole body!!!

this is what i love unsymmetrical dress mix with black stocking and gold accesories 

heloo ladiesss.. FULL TEAMS :")
4th or the last is GENTING RESORT & KUALA LUMPUR
this is the major favorite, because i've spend 3 days with my 'Magic&Ecstassy' (re : family)

jeans jacket on the gogoo
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going to theme park with daddy :")

queue for the gondola!
wearing one shoulder body & soul dress, with favorite electric blue color =)

jeans jacket is what i never forgot to wear !!

babyblothel hatss is hewt!!

one left tipss : Create your own visual style,.... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for otherss. Remember that style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.!!!
and wishhhhh my next summersss shall be an eternal summer in the gratefulll heartss (again) with the perfection of thought.

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